Let’s Have a Sip of WebVR !!!!

Agenda :

  • Introduction to Mozilla Vision and Mission
  • About WebVR
  • Introduction to A-Frame basics
  • Sample Frames available Online and its explanation
  • Hands-on in building Simple VR Frames
  • How to Get Involved in WebVR Contribution
  • Contribution opportunities in Mozilla
  • Q & A

About : 

“Let’s Have a Sip of WebVR” was an event conducted to Introduce WebVR to Newbies. The event was part of a ActivateMozilla campaign and series of Introductory Sessions about WebVR & A-frame.  The current Event was aimed at the people who had good background knowledge of Web Application Development. The Event glided over Mission & Vision of Mozilla, How to get started in WebVR and How to start the journey as Mozillian.

As part Part of Mozilla’s Vision and Mission audience were briefly introduced to various initiatives by Mozilla and respective Wikis & Knowledge sharing links are pointed.

The WebVR talk kick started with introduction of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality and how they are changing the technology we use today.  The A-frame basics are shared and A-frame elements are explained.

After the WebVR and A-frame introduction, few samples available in the online are taken and a walk-through of the sample is performed. This gave the audience better understanding of the script flow and the usage of elements.

Following the talk a Hands-on workshop was conducted to build a simple A-frame scene. While doing the same the issues and errors observed by the audience are rectified and made to work.

Upon successfully building the frames, the audience are introduced to various available options to contribute to WebVR and how to get involved in WebVR community. The audience were also introduced to contribution option in Mozilla and were explained how their journey as a Mozillian can be.

In the end, the session and workshop ended with a Q&A which addressed many things about Mozilla, WebVR, Rust, events nearby and next event

Author & Organizer :

Rufus Chakravarthy Sharma is a enthusiast Mozillian and passionate Open Source contributor. He is a Mozilla Tech Speaker, Webmaker Mentor, Mozilla Guide, Rust Contributor and WebVR fan. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science Engineering (M.Tech Computer Science) and after Graduating from college, he joined in Top Notch Networking Companies and he is currently working as Layer 2/Layer 3, Network Services Protocol Test Automation Engineer.IMG_20170622_154900


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