“Entrust Rust” is the Rust language Tech talk and Workshop organised by the Open-Source Awareness community in collaboration with Mozilla Gujarat to spread the awareness on the Rust programming language.


Introduction to Rust
Demo on Installing the Rust
Introduction to problem space in system programming
Rust’s ownership and borrowing concepts
Introduction to cargo
Code samples
Basic Rust syntax
Rust community link

Reps Link:  https://reps.mozilla.org/e/entrust-rust/



The Rust programming language will be important to the future of the web, making it safe and great. The event is focussed on the introducing and teaching the ‘Trust Rust can Entrust’ on coding, to Young developers and engineers who make the web better and more secure!.


Students, Developers and Open-Source enthusiasts

Attendance: 27

Feedback Received:

  • Positive : The talk just not covered the basics of Rust, but also visualised how Rust can help in coding better and safe.
  • Negative: 1. Talk can be delivered in two separate sessions instead of one. 2. Needs more time for workshop.

Future Improvisation:

Will incorporate the Feedback received.

Will try to have multiple sessions or Will try to give few considerable breaks.

Will give enough time for workshop.